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The Island Hope Childcare, Sandown - facilities and equipment

This purpose built unit has 3 large playrooms. The youngest children have use of 2 cosy areas based in one room where they can explore heuristic and soft play materials and an extensive range of pop ups, shape sorters and puzzles. They have their own outdoor play area with swing, rockers and climbers.

Children from 18months to 2 1/2 years use a large playroom which has plenty of space for messy play as well as a larger play cooker, dolls and a wide choice of age related toys. They make use of all of the 4 garden areas.

The Super Stars (aged 2 1/2yrs) and the Pre School 3yrs+ use the largest playroom. These children have free access to lots of messy play everyday! This includes paint, sand, water, dough, clay, gloop and gluing.

There is also free access to computers, books, writing, music, floor play and problem solving.

There is another room which our 5 - 9 year olds use as a base. Here they have an extra computer, games console, dvd etc plus books and games.

Our setting is extremely close to a local park, duck pond, beaches, library and shops. Children are taken out daily to any of these places. They are also able to visit the Dinosaur museum, Zoo and Magic Island.

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