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Health and safety

Great care is taken to ensure that all equipment and materials used in the nursery conform to accepted safety standards. We have our own Health and Safety policy covering all areas of the nursery and carry out regular risk assessments, fire and electrical checks.

The nursery’s outer front door is kept locked and parents have their own individual keycode access. The inner door is always locked to prevent unauthorised access. This is for the children’s safety and only the nursery staff are allowed to unlock the inner door. We operate a password system for people who might occasionally pick up your child.

Safety on outings
We take the children out for short walks perhaps to the post office, local shops or local park. All outings are carefully planned with correct staff to child ratios and when possible, additional carers accompany the group. The local park is always ‘scouted’ beforehand to ensure the area is suitable for the children to enter.

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